Somango (Soma Seeds)

Somango by Soma Seeds is a fruity hybrid that will give you a strong creative buzz. It is perfect for all you philosophers out there and anyone who likes a good heady buzz without being sofa bound. Somango will induce a great cerebral buzz that will get you up and going.

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Rock Bud (Soma Seeds)

Rock Bud by Soma Seeds is an indica hybrid that will chill you out after a hard days work. It is a fairly easy to grow and resilient strain, making it a great choice for novice cultivators. The great quality product that this plant produces is sure to make it a favorite for all smokers, irrespective of smoking experience.

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Jack F1 (Spliff Seeds)

The feminized Jack F1 by Spliff Seeds is a sweet and spicy variety with a touch of haze and provides a durable cerebral high paired with a relaxing body stone. It has an Indica appearance and produces plenty of resin although it is a 75% Sativa plant with an according height of 1.5-1.8m – indoors! This green monster develops a giant central umbel. Spicy and sweet aroma with a touch of cinnamon.

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Afghani Gold (Spliff Seeds)

The feminized Afghani Gold by Spliff Seeds is the offspring of a female Afghani #1 and Skunk No.1. It grows very uniform and develops elongated, solid and thick buds within 8-9 weeks of flowering. The plants reach a height of 80-120cm and produce 400-500g/m² of highly potent weed with the aroma of fine Afghan hash. The smoke has a fruity, sweet and earthy flavor. Narcotic Indica high.

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Vaporize Marijuana

Every true weed smoker has at one point considered buying a portable, efficient, and reliable vaporizer. Vapes come in various shapes, sizes, and have different functions. Before purchasing a new vape to use for your herbal blends consider some of the following factors.

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Super Cheese (Positronics)

Super Cheese by Positronics is a classic Skunk x Skunk mix and is a solid choice for any looking for a reliable, old school tasting Skunk with modern genetics. Super Cheese will not disappoint, it will keep you coming back time and time again.

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White Rhino (Nirvana)

White Rhino (feminized) by Nirvana Seeds is a hard hitting, very suitable for medicinal use, member of the White family. The weed has a slightly harsh, hashy flavour and works best enjoyed through a bong. Lets your mind fly while your butt is nailed to the couch.

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Royal Flush (Nirvana)

Royal Flush (feminized) by Nirvana Seeds is a tall and lanky predominantly Sativa plant with a unique sour and sweet taste and an intense and cerebral high. Takes long to mature, but the marijuana is well worth the wait. You’ve just been given the deck of your lifetime.

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Hawaii Maui Waui (Nirvana)

For a long period of time, this lanky Sativa plant has been one of the main attractions of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii Maui Waui has a citrus aroma and a herbal, smooth fruity flavour. From a genetical point of view, this is an old school variety. After years of inbreeding, Nirvana managed to capture that elusive island taste.

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Ultra Skunk (Dutch Passion)

A real treat for Skunk connoisseurs – a cross between various Skunk strains from the Netherlands and Switzerland, with 60% of Sativa and 40% Indica genetics. A very consistent strain by Dutch Passion, perfect for indoor cultivation due to miniature size and maximal yield.

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Brainstorm (Dutch Passion)

A long standing classic from the wide Dutch Passion cannabis seed choice. Now available as a feminized strain, the Brainstorm is recognized for its huge yields and strength that it inherited from its parents: the Northern Lights #5 and the 100% pure original Haze.

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Shoreline (Devil’s Harvest)

Super strong and super Skunky Shoreline is a Texan specimen with a musical past. Brandishing a very pungent aroma she develops large, hairy buds of equally potent effect. With a flowering period of 60-65 days, she is a notably speedy and vigorous plant. Being an easy to grow strain, Shoreline manages to appeal to a wide range of cannabis growers and connoisseurs alike.

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Kuchi (Devil’s Harvest)

Devil’s Harvest Seeds have just added a rather interesting hybrid into their collection. This fruity female combines UK favorite Cheese with US superstar San Fernando Valley OG Kush, resulting in a fast flowering, high yielding and remarkably potent specimen

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Moby Dick XXL (Dinafem)

Moby Dick XXL Autoflowering cannabis is a hybrid of two firm favourites the White Widow XXL Auto and Haze XXL Auto. This vigorous but easy to grow plant is new and improved version of Dinafem’s Moby Dick Auto.

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Hindu Kush (Sensi Seeds)

Sensi Seeds’ Hindu Kush is a purebred Indica and only available as a regular, non-feminized seed. This highly stable Afghan genotype was created by selecting and crossbreeding the best-performing Hindu Kush landraces over countless generations of plants – consistent results, uniformity, and a short flowering time of 45-50 days are key properties. Exquisite Afghan hash flavours included!

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Afghani 1 (Sensi Seeds)

Afghani 1 by Sensi Seeds is a non-feminized, almost pure, 95% indica plant, bred from the finest selection of Afghani parent strains. With distinctive indica traits, it is a medium-sized, compact and heavy-yielding plant, with a short flowering period. It produces dense, sparkling buds filled with resin and is ready for harvest in just 7-8 weeks. A perfect strain for indica “charas” lovers.

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Pineapple Skunk (Humboldt)

Pineapple Skunk by Humboldt Seeds is generally seen as a commercial strain due to its high yields and fast grow times. The ease of growth also makes it a great choice for the novice as Pineapple Skunk can be fairly forgiving. With an exceptional mixed mind and body high, this strain will please couch-lock fans and anyone looking to let go and relax with an exotic and sweet smoke.

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White Ice (White Label)

White Ice feminized by Advanced Seeds is a cross between a South African Sativa and Kush. The plant raised from these seeds have the typical large leaves of a Sative, but also produce fat buds and a nice amount of resin.

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Northern Lights (Sensi Seeds)

Northern Lights – with her many fantastic qualities – took the world of cannabis by storm and has become a favourite among cannabis cultivars and connoisseurs. Northern Lights is considered the golden standard of Indicas that other strains today are measured by. She is very easy to grow, impresses with great flavour and aroma and a deeply relaxing Indica high.

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Bubblegum (T.H. Seeds)

Bursting with an unstifled amount of flavour, aroma and potency, Bubblegum from T.H. Seeds truly embodies a strain of world class proportions. A champion in almost every area, this feminized phenom produces the goods in both quantity and quality – something a number of other strains just cannot match. In just 7-8 weeks of flowering she is ready for harvest and boy its a bountiful one!

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Big Bud XXL (M.o.C)

Big Bud XXL (feminized) by Ministry of Cannabis is an almost pure Indica plant, that produces such big, round buds, it simply had to be named XXL. The lime green buds are covered with white hairs and crystals and have a low leaf to calyx ratio, making it easy to trim the crop. The perfect unification of quality and quantity.

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White Widow (Nirvana)

White Widow (feminized) by Nirvana Seeds was born in the mid 1990s and is the founding member of the White family. This lady has a serious problem with body odour, but she is loved for her sweet and thick, pungent smoke and hard-hitting power punch.

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White Express (AC Genetics)

White Express by AC Genetics is a crossing between the Lowryder #2 and the notorious White Widow, a long time favorite of those who like the White strains. White Express from AC Genetics is the ultimate autoflowering strain for lovers of the White family.

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