Big Bud XXL (M.o.C)

Big Bud XXL by Ministry of Cannabis surpasses its cousin Big Bud by far and becomes a monster yielder when cultivated outdoors. But it is also perfect for a SOG setup as well, because the plants remain short and bushy, with the typical structure of an Indica.

Big Bud XXL by Ministry of Cannabis develops a large, round central bud, totally covered in shiny crystals and it takes her only 7-8 weeks to finish its flowering period. The produced buds have a low leaf to calyx ratio, which makes it easy to trim the crop.

Big Bud XXL by Ministry of Cannabis is a very good yielder and produces an average harvest of 500-650g/m² indoors. Grown outdoors, the plant mutates to a real monster producer and can yield up to 1kg per PLANT!

Big Bud XXL by Ministry of Cannabis is the perfect unification of quality and quantity, because it doesn’t compromise a bit when it comes to quality. The THC level of the final product of Big Bud XXL amounts to 15% and induces a happy high when smoked.


Brand: Ministry of Cannabis
Genetics: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
THC: up to 15%
Yield (indoor): 500-650 g/m2
Yield (outdoor): up to 1000 g/plant
Harvest Time (Outdoor): End of September
Available as: Feminized seeds

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