Hindu Kush (Sensi Seeds)


The Hindu Kush mountain range is home to some of the best Indicas and also known for its various forms of delicious hash. Sensi Seeds was among the first seed banks to collect these potent landraces and to built up an extensive genetic database to develop highly stabilized varieties like Hindu Kush – a 100% purebred Indica of connoisseur quality. Breeding plants within the same gene pool over many generations resulted in a predictable Afghan genotype that qualifies Hindu Kush as a reliable strain for Indica lovers.

Novice growers and expert cultivators will both benefit from a stable genotype that leads to uniform seedlings, consistent growth, and consequently, to predictable yields. The SOG method is recommended due to a compact and bushy appearance of Hindu Kush, and medium indoor yields are feasible in a short flowering time of 45-50 days. Outdoor growers in warmer regions below 42°N will also be in the position to see this dark-green Indica thrive until it reaches full maturity in October.

Scents of sandalwood and a sweet smell of traditional charas give Hindu Kush the capacity to be convincing regarding flavours and taste. This strain produces an excellent smoke but also provides top-shelf material to produce extracts in its various forms. In contrast to a sometimes overwhelmingly powerful hybrid effect, Hindu Kush offers a calming body stone that works great for nighttime consumption – reaching a relaxed state of contemplation is almost guaranteed.

This regular version of Hindu Kush is not only a very good choice for novices but also a viable choice for experts seeking a purebred Indica for either hash production or breeding experiments. Hindu Kush was already on the map before the Kush hype started, and is parent of world-class strains including Master Kush and OG Kush – some would go even further and say that Hindu Kush is the grandmother of Kush.

Brand: Sensi Seeds
Genetics: 100% Indica
Flowering Time: 45-50 days
Yield (indoor): Medium
Yield (outdoor): Medium
Height Indoor: Short
Height Outdoor: Short
Harvest Time (Outdoor): September
Available as: Regular seeds