Northern Lights (Sensi Seeds)


Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds is one of the most influential and ground-breaking cannabis strains of recent decades. Along with other milestone-setting strains like Skunk #1 and Haze, no other cannabis strain has had the enormous impact on the cannabis culture that Northern Lights has. The strain has become so successful that it is now considered the standard by which other indicas are compared to. You won’t find many cannabis enthusiasts that are unfamiliar with Northern Lights and who will not be able to tell you about her outstanding qualities. Northern Lights has won so many awards already that there have been requests for her retirement from competitions, simply to give other strains a chance to win!

Sensi Seeds’ variant of Northern Lights is carefully back-bred from the best strains from the original three Northern Lights variants. Sensi’s aim was to enhance the strain even further to make it perfect for indoor growing. With their version, Sensi Seeds successfully managed to make the best and most powerful Indica available for growers everywhere.

Cultivars love Northern Lights for its compactness, fast growth and reliable yields. The strain grows easily so she is suitable for new cannabis growers. After her flowering period – only a short 45-50 days – the females of the plant will grow crystal-coated buds that have a honey-musk aroma with a hint of juniper and earthy Afghani undertones. What’s to note is that despite her full aroma when smoked, she will produce very little odour during growth. Combine this trait with her enormous yields and you will understand why Northern Lights is a grower’s favourite. When smoked, Northern Lights gives a heavenly and very powerful Indica high that will relax your mind and body.


Brand: Sensi Seeds
Genetics: 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
Parents: Northern Lights
Flowering Time: 45-50 days
Yield (indoor): High
Yield (outdoor): High
Height Indoor: Short
Height Outdoor: Short
Harvest Time (Outdoor): September
Award Winner: Cannabis Champions Cup
Available as: Feminized as well as regular seeds

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