Pineapple Skunk (Humboldt)


Pineapple Skunk by Humboldt Seeds is a hybrid thought to originate from a three way mix between the Pineapple, Skunk #1 and Cheese strains. The result is a powerful skunk that is loved around the world.

Pineapple Skunk has a unique aroma and taste. It has a sweet fragrant smell that penetrates everything around it – as could be expected of a Skunk. As a result precautions are advised when choosing an area for cultivation; it can be a challenge to grow Pineapple Skunk discreetly without any. The sweet taste will hit you with a strong aftershock of pineapple, making quite an exotic experience and certainly different from you every day smoke. It will induce a strong and pleasant high that is a mix of soft, physically relaxing vibrations and a heady, drowsy cerebral stone. She is a perfect choice for when you want to sit down and zone out – leaving the day behind you. This is a very strong strain that can easily leave you couch locked; it should be approached with caution by the newer smokers out there, just make sure you are ready for its hit. The strength and effects of Pineapple Skunk make it an ideal choice for medicinal users wanting to relieve stress, insomnia and pain. Veteran smokers will also appreciate the finer qualities of this remarkable strain.

This fine lady is a great looker. She has succulent deep green leaves, buds that are coated in resin and light orange and brown hairs. Pineapple Skunk is a reliable and easy grower who will reward your patience and effort with bountiful yields. Her reliability makes her a great choice for fairly novice growers who have already grown a few other strains and are looking to expand on their experience. She also thrives under advanced growing techniques, making her a great choice for veteran growers and a viable option for commercial cultivators.

Pineapple Skunk by Humboldt Seeds is suitable for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. As previously mentioned this strain is a Skunk and has a pungent smell. Potential growers are advised to take this into consideration when choosing where to grow this wonderful strain. Plant heights can vary between 0.5-1m and the flowering time is roughly 56 days for optimal yields in an indoor environment. You can expect a yield of roughly 500g/m2 for your time and effort.

Brand: Humboldt Seeds
Genetics: 50% indica / 50% sativa
Parents: Pineapple Skunk
Flowering Time: 50 days
THC: 15%
Yield (indoor): High
Yield (outdoor): High
Height Indoor: Medium
Height Outdoor: 2.5 m
Harvest Time (Outdoor): End of September
Available as: Feminized seeds