Vaporize Marijuana

Every true weed smoker has at one point considered buying a portable, efficient, and reliable vaporizer. Vapes come in various shapes, sizes, and have different functions. Before purchasing a new vape to use for your herbal blends consider some of the following factors. Currently, the market is flooded with companies that claim to provide vapes that maximize efficiency. However, it is critical that you conduct some research before deciding exactly the type of vaporizer you need. Using a vaporizer extends the efficiency of smoking dry herb and dramatically decrease the amount of toxic chemicals inhaled.

Our research revealed that the potential saving powers of using a vaporizer are astonishing. On average 10 grams was saved per 30 grams. This means that vaporizers will essentially pay for themselves in the span of a couple of months depending on the amount of blend you use and how often. Additionally, the impact on your healthcare costs will be reduced drastically in the long run. Keep in mind that a vaporizer should never reach the point of combustion or it will defeat the purpose of vaporization. The goal of this piece is to inform how to select the best vaporizer for your needs.

Let’s dig into some important information about vaporizers.

The amount of vaporizers that are on the market can be overwhelming, because there are thousands of options. Choosing a quality, name brand unit is a good place to start because the often come with a full warranty incase the vape stops working. Moreover, vaporizers styles range from portable, stationary (desktop), to the newly developed pens. Vapes exist for every medium of smoking including waxes, oils, and most importantly dry blends.

An herb vaporizer is a device used to sublimate the active ingredients of plant material, or any other therapeutic herbal blends. Vaporization, rather than burning the herbal blend, which produces irritating, toxic, and carcinogenic by-products, the vaporizer heats the material in a controlled manner so that the active compounds contained in the plant vaporizes.

The vapor contains virtually zero particulate matter, and significantly lower concentrations of noxious gases such as carbon monoxide.

What are the main Benefits of vaporizing?

The main benefits of Vaporizing include:

  • A healthier lung – No burning involved and lowers concentrations of toxic chemicals
  • A cooler lung – Since vaporizing is cooler than burning methods, your lungs are less susceptible to damage
  • More bang for your buck – Vaporizers are very efficient, and inhale only the amount you need instead of wasting your herbal blend by burning

Other benefits you can see from vaporizing aside from the health benefits are lower smell. Since burning does not occur, vaporizing significantly cuts down on smell, helping you keep your room fresher.

Getting back to which vaporizer is the best for you, let me first say that many are quick to say that the Volcano vaporizer is the best vaporizer, because of it’s astronomical price, and because most only know about the Volcano vaporizer. For those who have the Volcano, the best to you, but for others looking for a better alternative, there are many that will give you all the benefits at lower cost.

So let’s get started.

One of the biggest differences between the types of vaporizers available is how the unit utilizes heat for vaporization. Heating is split into two types – convection and conduction heating.

What is Conduction heating?

Conduction heating is when the materials are in direct contact with the heating element. This process produces enough heat to vaporize the herbs and can be the most effective in the amount of vapor it can produce. The biggest criticism these vapes face is that the combustion rate is a lot higher than that of a convection vaporizer. One common misconception among stoners is that conduction vaporizers are low-quality and as such people tend to pay the higher costs for convection vaporizers. Furthermore, pen and portable vaporizers typically have conduction heating.

What Is Convection heating?

Convection heating is when a fan blows air into the heating element, which is then exposed to the blend. This method of vaporization has been proven to be the most effective. The majority of customers prefer convection vaporizers because they love the purity of the vapor produced. Unlike conduction heating, convection vaporizers typically don’t require you to stir the materials during a vaporizing session. Unfortunately, this method is more expensive because their production requires more technology, time and materials to create quality units. Desktop vaporizers (units that plug into an outlet) are the most common vaporizers that utilize convection heating.

Bag, whip or direct?

What type of vapor delivery are you looking for? If you’re looking for a light airy vapor that’s easy to inhale, you’ll want to look at bag style vaporizers. If you’re looking for a thicker, potent almost smoke like vapor delivery, you’ll want to invest in a whip-style vaporizer. (Check this link out for more detailed information regarding the differences of bag-style and whip-style vaporizers)

Portable or stationary?

Now, you need to ask yourself if you need a portable vaporizer or if you’ll strictly be using the vaporizer at home where a wall outlet is available. Portable vaporizers usually are only available in whip/straw/tube-style because bag style vaporizers require a fan to inflate the bag, making for a larger non-portable vaporizer.

So now, you know if you want either a bag/whip style vaporizer and if you need a portable vaporizer. Lastly, is the question of pricing. How much are you willing to spend on a vaporizer? I never recommend getting a cheap knockoff vaporizers that you can find on eBay, or any other sites that carry lower end vaporizers. This means, you will want to spend 80 € or more. But pricing for quality vaporizers range quite a bit, from 80 € on the lowest end and to more than 650. € If it’s your first vaporizer, I recommend you spending about 200-300 € to get a solid vaporizer. Most vaporizers in this price range have excellent support and aftercare if you ever need. You’ll also want to make sure you purchase from a reputable retailer, because unfortunately, the herbal vaporizer market has many ‘fly-by-night’ operations where they disappear after a few months or weeks. Our recommended shop is MagicVaporizers.